Replace your forms with AI agents

With Semiform, respondents can type their answers in natural language instead of filling out complex forms. You get higher response rates and happier users.

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How it works

Write instructions

Tell your users what information you're looking for.

"We're excited to see you at FunCon 2024! Please share your name, T-shirt size, and which days you'll be attending."

Add form fields

Tell the AI what data to extract from each response.


Any value accepted

Days Attending

Any value accepted

T-Shirt Size

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Get responses

Users can respond in free text with a link or via email.

Re: FunCon 2024 Signup

It's John Smith. I'll be there Mon-Wed and I wear a size L. Can't wait!


Natural language parsing

Semiform uses an AI agent to parse your users' natural langague responses into structured data. It can even ask follow-up questions if necessary.

Email responses

With Semiform, users can fill out forms right in their inbox, without needing to click a link.

Automatic result summaries

Don't waste time reading through every response—get an AI-powered summary automatically.

Want to build your own Semiforms?