See below for some examples of Semiforms. Try filling them out to see how the AI automatically tags your responses.

Site Feedback

Here's a simple example of a feedback form. Semiform will tag your response with the feedback category, sentiment, and try to estimate Net Promoter Score if possible. Share your feedback about Semiform below to see how it works.

Conference Signup

Here's an example of a signup form. Just imagine: you've been invited to FunCon 2024! Enter a fake name, what days you'll be attending, and what t-shirt size you need below:

Event Scheduling

Semiform can help schedule events. Enter a fake name and your availability for book club this week below to see how Semiform tags it.

Customer Validation

Semiform can also help with tasks like customer validation forms. If you're interested in an enterprise version of Semiform, please enter your company name and some details of how you think you'd use Semiform below.

Want to build your own Semiforms?